This is how your products travel

With us, your products are in good hands. From storage to order picking, packaging, shipment and any returns – we take care of everything for you! In the heart of Europe: Vienna, Austria

Individual consulting

It all begins with a personal conversation – and that costs you nothing. Whether you’re a start-up or an established company, we gladly provide our personal consulting up front – because advance knowledge prevents later mistakes during execution. Your products only come into play after this individual consultation.

Pick-up service

We don’t just ship goods for you; we can also pick them up – internationally. We organise the price-effective collection of your products or resources from your suppliers nationally and abroad.


High bay, manual shelving or manual shelving space, air conditioned or certified: we store your goods individually and efficiently – right in the centre of Vienna. We also provide special storage spaces for hazardous goods, as well as BIO-certified storage slots.

Order picking

When a shipping order comes in, we assemble the products from the warehouse. Naturally, this process is not the same for large, bulky objects as for small products with high unit numbers. Every product takes the most efficient route to the order picking station.


Whether in boxes or on pallets, we ensure precise assembly and optimal preparation of the goods for shipping. Each product is placed according to its specific requirements, and we use eco-friendly packaging materials to ensure both protection and environmental sustainability during packaging.


Appropriate shipping packaging is essential to protect goods from transport damage. Additionally, packaging plays a significant role in customer perception; for instance, high-end cosmetics should not be delivered in bubble wrap bags and bio-products should avoid plastic packaging.

Transport and shipment

Your products should reach their intended recipient quickly, cheaply and safely. We select the best parcel delivery service or the most fitting shipping company for you and only release your products into the competent hands of our carefully chosen collaborating partners.

Returns processing

What happens to goods that are sent back? We also take care of this step. Returns are classified into ABC (from undamaged to requiring preparation to damaged) and immediately returned to proper storage.