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Logistics for you – from a pro

You are a pro in your industry, have a great product and know the market well. You shouldn’t need to have to worry about proper storage, the right packaging and cheap shipping rates. Leave that to us, because that is our specialty!

Fulfillment – one word for many services

Storage, order picking, packing and returns: fulfillment services are complex, but we’ll make it really simple for you.  This service is our life – and has been for the last 30 years.

With our help

  • you can store your goods at a low cost.
  • you will get our best shipping rates.
  • you won’t need your own expensive storage space.
  • you won’t have to deal with returns.
  • you won’t need your own staff for packing and shipping.
  • you can serve your customers quickly and efficiently.
  • you will always be fully in control of your inventory.

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What sets us apart

Pickup and delivery service

You can use our competence in logistics not only for shipping! We also pick up your resources and goods and deliver them right to your door.

Regional storage

Outsourcing? Just the opposite! Our storage spaces are not located somewhere in the boonies or abroad, but directly in Vienna and Pottendorf (20km south of Vienna)

24/7 access

Thanks to our customer-friendly customer platform, you have access to your inventory around the clock and can even directly place shipping orders.

Order picking

Whether we’re talking small goods in large quantities or large, bulky goods: we have efficient solutions to get your goods from the warehouse and on their way.


We know exactly how to use shipping packaging to best accentuate special goods, which filling material is suitable or how to reduce costs with the right packaging.

Sending packages by DHL, DPD, etc.

The best shipping price and the right provider: We cooperate with all parcel delivery service providers and are familiar with their individual requirements.

Transports with fixed delivery dates/Trade fair transport

When timeliness and precision are required, we’ll find the best solution for you – nationally and internationally.

Truck, train, plane and ship

No matter how and where to – we are also sufficiently experienced in highly specialised shipping routes.

Return to sender

Efficient returns management saves you annoying additional costs. We classify the returns by their condition and immediately and correctly store the goods again.

Free consultation

Whether you are a start-up or an established company, we are happy to personally consult you for free: because having knowledge in advance is worth its weight in gold.

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Your products are unique!

So are our fulfillment solutions!


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