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We calculate our price on an individual basis.

A lawnmower is not a face cream. For that reason, we don't have a price list as we believe that to be unprofessional. Every product requires an individualised fulfillment solution. The price is calculated based on the following aspects:

  • How much or how little space a product needs in our warehouse depends on its size. It might even need special storage conditions.
  • It also makes a difference for the order picking and assembly processes how many products in which dimensions have to be taken out of the warehouse and made ready for shipment.
  • The price must also include packaging materials which, depending on the product, must meet special requirements, such as having a particularly nice appearance or being breakproof.
  • The shipping costs themselves are of course also part of the price – and also vary depending on size and nature of the product.

Non-binding offer within 24h

Request an offer for your product! We will put together a non-binding, tailor-made offer for you within 24 hours and prepare a sample invoice for one month.

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