Talpagasse 1a, 1230 Wien, AUSTRIA

About us

We love logistics – and the challenges it poses. The proof is in the pudding after 30+ years of experience. Maillog is specialised in two areas: postal services and fulfillment. In the area of fulfillment, we are an important partner for those who want to outsource the delivery of their goods.

We store, pick and manage your products. We pack and ship them – and if you wish, we can also take care of your returns. We focus on individual service: We develop the right solution for each customer.

The following employees have taken up the challenge:

Nicole Kabicher

Nicole is our consumer goods specialist for all of Austria. She has experience with fulfillment services in the field of cosmetics and dietary supplements.

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Robert Stadler

Robert is our campaign management and software connections pro and is partial to start-ups that have the opportunity to grow dynamically.

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Stefan Potesil

Stefan has been a contact person for publishers for a decade, can navigate the maze of shipping rates and enjoys challenging himself to solve any issue he comes across.

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